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Our Story

With the many brands available in the market, how does a woman choose a soap that’s perfect for her skin? That’s a question that the SAVONILLE founder, Pia Sy, had to ask herself when her preferred soap brand suddenly stopped manufacturing. “I tried everything. Either the scent was too strong or my skin was left too dry after every bath. It also bothered me that most handmade soaps tend to melt too fast, while medical and artisanal options can be too expensive for something I use on a daily basis.”
A reasonably priced mild formulation that leaves you with a clean feeling—that’s the type of soap she wanted for herself. After months of researching, consulting and collaborating with experts, the SAVONILLE Skin Essentials was born.
I speak for SAVONILLE as an average consumer,” Pia adds. “Since our product works for my sensibilities, I’m just delighted I can now share this experience to family and friends.”
photo by @stillsundayco
SAVONILLE Skincare Essentials come in three variants:
CLASSIC MILD. With an understanding that people accustomed to hypoallergenic brands prefer unscented products, this variant only carries the scent of its natural ingredients. With regular use, the Licorice extract in our mild SAVONILLE formulation helps manage skin discoloration to keep your skin feeling bright and moisturized—the perfect addition to your bathroom essentials.
FLORAL FRESH. Some scents help calm our nerves after a long day. This variant adds to our gentle formulation a blend of pure, natural floral fragrances from the South of France. Choose to start and end your day bathed in Lavender scents that soothe and relieve your senses. 
CITRUS BOOST. Active and energized are two words that describe the fruity sensation infused to this variant. Detoxify your skin daily through our Licorice-infused soap base that features our blend of citrus oils that keeps your skin feeling fresh and hydrated throughout the day. 
 photo by @stillsundayco
Every product under the SAVONILLE Skincare Essentials brand are produced in its consistent high quality standard and comes in a carefully hand-wrapped, delicately designed packaging that echoes our mild formulation.
Should you wish to share our nourished skin experience, you may choose our gift set which includes three 135g soap bars of any variant, enclosed in a gift box with a matching gift bag and a card for your special message.
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